Beer Style Tote Bags & The Rainbow Hop Collection Are Here!

I always envisioned Craft Beer Babe to be a lifestyle brand. I love being a candle maker but have always wanted to do more with the creativity I have inside my brain. As a craft beer loving woman, I have found that, even though females make up as much as 25-30% of the total craft beer lovers in the USA, there are not many products in this space designed for women. And even less that are inclusive of the LGBTQ community. 

I feel like everyday I turn on the TV or open a social media app, there is more and more hate being spewed. I wanted to create products where I could give back to the community, help others and fill a void in a community I love so much. 
I have found that the craft beer community is very welcoming of every type of person. The joke in the industry is that it is 99% a$$hole free and in my experience it has been for the most part. But I felt like something was missing. 

As very tall & curvy woman, who considers herself a craft beer geek, I have searched for cute apparel, glassware and more. There are a few brands out there making some items but often, they are geared for the male consumer or the cut of the shirts for women are way too small. I want to celebrate women in the craft beer community. Women have worn many hats in the beer industry and I know a lot of them are amazing brewers. They should have items that celebrate them! So instead of complaining, I decided to make what I had trouble finding for myself. 
Craft Beer Babe will be officially launching beer style tote bags, apparel and a Rainbow Hop Collection designed to support the LGBTQ community. Can coolers, beach towels, bottle openers and more will be available to purchase on my website! All of the items that contain the Rainbow Hop design will have a special element, 10% of profits from the all over print and $1 from each rainbow tote bag will be donated to an LGBTQ charity.
My company is based on Colorado, so the first organization that I will donate to is The Center on Colfax. I didn't simply want this to be a Pride month item, so every quarter the charity I donate too will rotate. 

I also wanted to design some products that fit into our every changing landscape. I live in Colorado where single use plastic bags are not free anymore and will be completely banned in 2024 (thankfully).
Every time someone goes to the store (grocery or retailers) they charge $0.10 per plastic bag. So a cute tote bag seemed like a great option. Eight other states have banned single use plastic bags - California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon and Vermont. I believe more will be added to this list in the future. 

I am very proud to introduce this new collection and have many other seasonal products to release in the future.